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Do you qualify for government subsidized housing?

Anonymous started this conversation

I received an email today from HUD which gives the income limits for subsidized housing through HUD.

Click here to read more about subsidized housing and who is eligible

Click here to read how your rent is determined by HUD

Click here to find rental properties in your area and other HUD assistance programs

Click here to find out more about home buyer programs through HUD 


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bubbs   in reply to Anonymous
Yeah and people wonder why felons reoffend theirs no help to get them on thier feet
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Hi my name is darquita perry I need help so bad I been trying but every time I think I got something it's nothing I been homeless now over a year staying from house to house can't
save no money 696 kids took my baby girl cause I did not have an address to send her to school now I'm still looking I got my 4 year old daughter left and new it's almost time for her to go to school I'm sick on medication it be hard for me to do a lot please if someone can help please help me
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Can u b kicked out of ur housing if u have already lived there for over a year but then get a petty theft charge?
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I got one or two evictions on my credit and it was cus someone stole identity is there any help for a single mom of three to get emergency rent assistance
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diver007   in reply to trying to move on
In my state only 1 felony charge can be pardoned. I have 3 and out of luck as far as that goes.I did 2 on 8 and got a job with a concrete company digging ditches,setting forms and learning how to live with in the law. Damn hard work at 43 but after a yr of karma pay back I learned alot of carpentry skills I had"nt set out in life to learn.Now 20 yrs later and not any charges since, am a broke down ol sob with arthritis in knees,back,hands.Well I now qualify for help.That Karma stuff sucks!!! Ya got to give a little to get a little in this world.
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diver007   in reply to sweetie34
If you have a documented real medical condition you should apply for ssdi if you have work history or credits,if not then ssi,food stamps,housing assistance, (if not a child molester).Doing illegal drugs won"t help if documented.Stay clean and the system will help.See a social worker never,never be afraid to ask any question for there is an answer for.
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i found a apartment in georgia and i only get s.s.i and they take but it's not enough to live on can you help me please
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back2sellingdrugs   in reply to trying to move on
The goverment dont care...yea we made mistakes, some of us had to do it but regardless of the reason being the government doesnt care. The government sure did give me a grant/student loan with felonies knowing i wasnt going to be able 2 find a job in that field & to have 2 pay it back with no income. What i did was wrong & i suffer daily because of it but damn!!!! & they want us to vote....4 what??? Never!!!!
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I have been looking all over for assistance hopefully you can give me some kind of guidence in the right direction.
I am a full time Direct Care Professional. Im 24 i have two sons on is 5 in kindergarten and i have a newborn that is currently 3 months he is still at the ospital inbthe Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at WMC. He has a myrid of medical issues ranging from pulmonary problems and respiratory. He's had 2 surgeries in the 3months he has been there. Recent conversations with the hospitals case manager and social worker have concluded that my son is in transtion home. However, due to the inadequate living space that im at now that would not be possible for him to be discharged. Due to his delicate medical condition he'll be needing continuous ongoing care whilst at home. I have contacted evey housing agency i know and noone can help me. I desperately need to find adequate living space for my children and i. Any form of rental assistancebyou can offer or even point me in the right direction would greatly be appreciated. Thank you i want my son home with me and i desperately need the help.
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 in response to trying to move on...   Here are some thoughts. Some states will expunge, some will not. Try to get a skill or trade where you can work for yourself. Such as hair cutting, etc. Many jobs such as waitressing or dishwasher, the local restaurants don't do background checks on an entry level. You can use that money to go to school and work for yourself. Also, can you work as contract labor? Then, use that money to buy an RV or small used mobile home to get yourself off the street. Ideal, maybe not, but at least you are off the street and not homeless. Also, after five to seven years, you can apply for a pardon. You must live an exemplary life to obtain a pardon. At least you can show potential employers, you have lived your life in such a way, they gave you a pardon. Best of luck. Tip: Stay away from habits of any kind, cigarettes, drinking or other things. Mostly for the main reason that these habits take your money. If you are lonely, volunteer or get with a support group. HALT: Don't get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.
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Looking for help with rent and housing . I am 72 and retired.
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trying to move on
I am a single parent who lost everything my house was broken into everything gone including my pictures of my children, I was convicted of drug trafficking in 2010 if i could have afforded a lawyer it would have been lowered to a misdermenor, and or if I would have ratted on 10 diffrent ppl, let me also add my children was not in the home it was a one time thing and the drug was lorcet , I did refuse to turn anyone in "RAT", so therefor my sentence was 2 years I served 7 months and made parole.
How and what can a convicted felon do to get back on their feet and support their families if there is NO housing avilable and no type of job that will hire a felon what classes can a person like myself take to have a carer to make ends meet? and why is a drug conviction any diffrent then any other felony? I noticed that the number 1 felon that would be denied of housing, welfare jobs, ect ...why is that they worse then a convicted felon who cometed murder or rape, B&E , who desides which crime is worse then the other and , who and how does these people expect the ones of us who made 1 mistake that didn't and hasn't had a record befor , also how long does it take to have your record exspunged or can a drug conviction be exspunged?
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Thanks for this info. I found it while I was looking for Chicago Apartments for Rent
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what if it is not for drug use its something totally different.

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 in response to sweetie34...   

AS far as I know a convicted felon is NOT allowed in govt subsidized housing.

From fact sheet:

Under welfare reform, States have the option of testing recipients for illegal drug use, and for sanctioning recipients that test positive.

Persons convicted of a drug-related felony are no longer eligible for the program ( this includes, SSI, food stamps, TANF and other programs)

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what about felony backgrounds how do they stop you from getting help?

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